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Automatic feeding equipment

High efficiency and energy saving.

28 Years Experience

DosingDosing and Mixing

It can be widely used in all industries involving powder, such as rubber and plastics, food, chemicals and batteries.

FeedingFeeding and Conveying

Each feeding port is equipped with a conveying screw, and variable-frequency speed control is equipped for precise control of the powder conveying amount each time.

DryingDrying and Dehumidify

It is mainly used for the tight closure of the pipeline and the automatic selection of the main pipeline. It can also be used with the pigging of the return air valve. It is equipped with solenoid valve, cylinder and voltage control

Automated SystemAutomated System

The central feeding conveying system adopts a fully intelligent equipment to centralize power source to convey material to a specified position.

Powder feeding system

Application cases of powder industry

Automatic powder feeding system for building materials Can be used in the production of water supply pipes, drainage pipes, power communication pipes, decorative profiles and other products.

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Granules feeding system

Application cases in granule industry

Extrusion feeding system according to the sequence of the process feed station feed to the large bin and then through the vacuum suction machine to suck the material to the material distribution station, conveying to the weighing mixing machine after weighing, weighing material after dehumidification drying and then through the material distribution station transported to a variety of different extrusion production lines.

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Основная продукция

Separate type loaderSeparate Hopper Loader

Cyclone baffle and separate dust collecting barrel are arranged under the filter.


Gravimetric BlenderGravimetric Blender

Equipped with a weighing machine support and material distribution station, it can be connected to the feeding system.

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Dehumidifying DryerDehumidifying Dryer

The hot and humid air returned from the drying bucket is cooled and blown into the honeycomb rotor.

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Weighing ScaleWeighing Scale

Feed to the equipment in mechanical way. It can measure and weigh many kinds of material step by step with high precision and discharge automatically

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Standard DryerStandard Dryer

Adopt temperature control meter control. Unique down blowing air structure, can disperse heat, constant temperature.


Feeding StationFeeding Station

Manual dumping, air spring liftable type upper cover, dust collector connection port; Including: cover plate sealing strip and buckle, magnetic frame, level switch alarm.

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The folded filter element is used to increase the filtration area and reduce the volume. Built in fan. Pulse back blowing is adopted to increase the service life of filter element.

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Dosing MixerDosing Mixer

Adopts a super-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor to increase the mixing rate.

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powder automatic mixing system

"Powder automatic mixing system" in plastic extrusion industry

In the plastic extrusion industry, we provide a complete set of customized full-automatic mixing and feeding system for medium and large pipe, packaging film, plate and profile products manufacturers,From the storage of raw materials, material transportation, weighing and mixing, and automatic distribution to each extruder for production, the system controls the fusion data analysis module,Real time understanding of multi-dimensional data collection and analysis of equipment utilization, material consumption, energy consumption, production capacity and equipment maintenance.

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2022 China international packaging industry exhibition

2022 China international packaging industry exhibition held in Gaungzhou import and export commodities fair exhibition hall as scheduled. The exhibition period is from March 4 to March 6, Liansu’s brand ‘Mconvey’ participated in this packing exhibition for the first time and displayed a series of main product.

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